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Crochet Necklace Pattern

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Hello Fellow Crocheter:

I’m generally not a very delicate person, but every once in a while I decide to work on something a little dainty. This necklace is lacy and delicate yet easy to make. It uses crochet thread to keep it light. It’s also versatile, so you can make it in any color and add any pendant to express yourself however you’d like. It’s also a quick project, so it’s perfect if you have several people on your gift list.


1 skein crochet thread

1 set of necklace fastenings

1 pendant

Size 9 crochet hook

Stitches used:

Slip stitch – sl st

Chain stitch – ch

Single crochet – sc

Double crochet – dc


Ch 51

R1: sl st in 2nd ch from hook and each ch to end

R2: ch 6; dc in end sl st ch; ch 3; dc (6 ch counts as 1 dc + ch 3)

R3: ch 3; turn; 4 dc in ch 3 space; ch 3; 5 dc in ch 3 space

R4: ch 6; (dc; ch 1) 3 times in next ch 3 space; ch 3; dc in last dc

R5: ch 3; 4 dc in ch 3 space; ch 6; 5 dc in ch 3 space

R6: ch 6; (dc; ch 1) 5 times in ch 6 space; ch 3; dc in last dc

R7-24: repeat R5-6

R25: ch 6; (dc; ch 1) 3 times in ch 6 space; ch 3; dc in last dc

R26: ch 6; sc in ch 1 space; ch 3; sc in ch 1 space; ch 3; dc in 3rd ch of ch 6 on R24

R27: ch 6; sc in ch 3 space; ch 3; dc in 3rd ch of ch 6 on 25

R28: ch 6; join with sl st to other side

R29: sl st in first 3 ch st; DO NOT TIE OFF; secure and cut, leaving a long string

Repeat pattern for the other half of the necklace. DO NOT TIE OFF at the end of R28.

R29: Place right sides of necklace together and string pendant on both strings. Insert hook through both pieces and ch around pendant. Tie off. Weave ends and cut. If desired, add a small drop of cloth glue.

Attach fastenings to either side at the end of ch 51.

If you wish to add beads to your necklace, string them onto the yarn before you begin crocheting.


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